Welcome to the “Introduction to Microsoft® Windows course”. This course is aimed at students/learners wanting to learn how to use the Microsoft® Windows Operating System from the ground up or to improve and revise their existing knowledge. If you have never used a computer before, this is the course for you!

Students/learners wanting to apply for jobs in the near future will definitely encounter Microsoft® Windows in the work place and will most likely use it to complete day to day tasks. These jobs may include cashier - scanning items onto a system, bank teller – filling in a digital deposit form or a teacher – creating presentations or notes for students.

In today’s world being able to use a computer is very important and can be considered as one of life’s basic skills in the 21st century. Computers are used for a variety of purposes from creating documents and presentations for work, to being used for personal communication and entertainment purposes.

The course has been designed as a 6 week long course and contains 5 readings per week, ideally one reading should be read per day. At the end of each week a quiz will be available so that you can test the knowledge that you have gained throughout the readings.

As an overview for what is in store, we will start looking at what Microsoft® Windows is, the history of Windows and how to navigate Windows using a keyboard and mouse. The course will then move on to look at some Windows vocabulary and terms so that you will be able to understand and communicate with other computer users.

We then start learning how to create and manage files using Windows® explorer. This is then followed by exploring some of the pre -installed programs of Windows, used to create basic documents and images. Finally we look at installing additional programs as well as how to uninstall programs along with some basic computer networking, printers and other devices.

Diagrams and figures are provided to give you a visual sense of the information being conveyed, however, you will benefit immensely if you try some of the exercises yourself on an actual computer. If you do not have access to a computer try finding a local internet café in your area so that you can practice using Microsoft® Windows.

We hope that you enjoy this course and learning about Microsoft’s® Windows Operating system and take pleasure in being able to use a computer at the end of this course.