Chapter 1

Defining your Focus, Commitment and Goals

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Chapter 2

Creating Credibility, Trust And Loyalty Within Your Brand

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Chapter 3

Commit to Action: Sales and the Sales Process

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Chapter 4

Money Matters: Budgeting and Financial Planning

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Chapter 5

Thrive: Lead and Manage your Team

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Chapter 6

Business Planning and Ownership

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Chapter 7

Business Expansion

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Smart Start

There’s an awakening taking place. People are daring to dream. To challenge the status quo. To break the rules. To change their lives. To grab hold of the steering wheel of their lives and to drive in the direction they choose.

Who are these people? These people who are designing their own lives? They are entrepreneurs.

You have the potential to unlock the inner strength and skills you’ll need to reach that pot of gold. You can join this community of entrepreneurs and align yourself with your passions by following these principles or daily habits. We can’t promise that it will be easy, but we can promise that your entrepreneurship journey will be more rewarding, more exciting, and more fulfilling than you ever could have imagined. 


Kick off

Coming up with a great idea means absolutely nothing if you don’t act on it.  ntil you are fully committed to your product or service, nothing will happen for you.

Make an effort to write your vision statement of what you want to get out of this career path;

  • By drafting your business vision (this will become the inspiration for your team of your dream for the future)
  • and business mission (your communication to your clients of the purpose and benefits of your business).

You will get clear on the ‘what’ it is you really want when you write it down. In order to make your ideas become real, turn them from a thought into a written statement. The most successful and happy people identify 5 things that are most important in their life and they focus on these.

Focus on these 5 things every single day and your business will begin to grow.