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Communication around us all

Anyone who runs a business will tell you how important communication is. Every day a business person is getting letters in the post, writing or receiving emails, sending messages on their phones, answering and making telephone calls, and talking to staff or clients. All of this involves communication. To think of this more formally – communication is the giving, receiving and exchange of information, and the establishing of relationships with those around us. The way in which we communicate tells others who we are and what we are about. Because we control how we communicate – we can also control (a little bit) how others see us.

This will determine whether people perceive us as knowledgeable on particular subjects. This also determines people’s perception of our competence level. The way we communicate also affects whether or not the people we interact with trust us. Most of these impressions are created through the ways in which we communicate and it is for this reason that it is important we think about how we communicate so that people view us positively. In this course we will be looking at business correspondence which includes letters, emails and using the internet and cell phones as ways of communicating. Start thinking about all the different ways you communicate at work. Think about the different people you communicate with and what your communication might say about you.