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Current trends in online media consumption

As the world has become increasingly ‘digital’, it is good to remember that consumer’s online habits change quickly.

Thus, it is important to understand what the current trends in online media consumption are:

  • Mobile – more and more consumers choose to use mobiles instead of personal computers. This is because mobiles are convenient, quick and easy to use. You can carry a mobile with you all the time.

  • WiFi – in many locations, WiFi is increasingly available, either at a fee or for free. This means that consumers have more access to the internet.

  • Multiple platforms – as the internet becomes more accessible and necessary, consumers are using the internet across multiple platforms and channels. For example, a consumer can be using their personal computer while they are at work but use a mobile phone while they are walking to their car. It is important for brands to be available across platforms online.

  • Online shopping – although online shopping is perceived as risky be some, there are consumers who shop online regularly. Therefore, they turn to the internet rather than traditional shops to purchase goods or services. This means that brands need to understand that these consumers are online and expect the brands to be online too.

  • Visual - consumers are becoming more visual, as they share and receive visuals (such as images and videos) online regularly. Thus, marketers should appeal to these consumers by making their marketing campaigns more visual online.

  • In-the-moment information – given that the access that consumers have to the internet is growing each day, consumers are able to turn to the internet for information at any time of the day. As a result, consumers expect in-the-moment information from brands. Consumers also expect to be able to contact marketers easily online, be it through email, websites or social media.