Chapter 2

Customer And Needs Analysis

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Defining Good Customer Service

Good customer service is something that every individual working in every organisation should practice. There are different types of customers, they are most often external or they can be internal to the organisation, but they all deserve good customer service.

All employees need to adopt the mind-set and continually remind themselves that without customers they would not be employed. This also applies to managers, directors and business owners. Without customers the organisation would not derive any revenue and would need to close its doors.

Broadly speaking, customer service is anything that an employee does for a customer, that enhances the experience the customer has with the organisation (Harris1, 2009).

This means that every interaction the customer has with the organisation has to be a positive one in order to create a feeling of satisfaction on the part of the customer.

Employees need to strive to ensure that they are attentive, caring and considerate to all customers in order for the customer to feel that they have received good customer service.

This is a difficult task as perceptions of good customer service vary from individual to individual and depend on expectations. However, it should also be noted that in today’s fast paced world, customers often feel neglected and therefore a little bit of customer care can make an organisation stand out from its competitors.