Chapter 6

Event Logistics and Risk

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by Elizabeth du Preez



Throughout history man has celebrated important happenings/events. Events serve as ‘benchmarks’ of our lives as we move through different life stages from birth to childhood, teenage years, early years of marriage, birth of children, years as parents and old age. These stages all present different types of celebrations such as births, christenings, coming of age, 21sts, weddings, anniversaries and funerals. Events are also used to celebrate achievements or ‘milestones’ such as graduations and promotions. Every culture and country has its own festivals and events that unlock the cultures and important traditions and heritage of the people. Many events on the annual events calendar also originate from various religions.


Types of events

Events are any incidences or occurrences that take place, especially memorable ones. Within the field of events management, these occurrences can last for an hour or a number of days. It can consist of one or more activities but it is an organized activity at a particular venue or location at a particular planned date and time. Events cover a wide spectrum of planned happenings and there are various ways in which to categorise them.