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The housekeeping department of a hotel covers the biggest area of a hotel, has the highest number of staff in a hotel, has the biggest concentration of capital invested in a hotel and the housekeeping department generates the most income for a hotel.

One can see from this short description, the housekeeping department is a very important department in the hotel and provides good opportunities for staff to advance in this department and have an interesting career.

The housekeeping department staff provide what is called ‘silent service’. Silent service can be described as service that the guest experiences but very seldom sees the person that provides this service. The housekeeping staff make sure that the guest’s stay in the hotel is at a level of cleanliness and comfort that they expect and better than they would have at home and matching the star grading of the hotel. Guests expect their accommodation to smell clean, look clean and feel clean, all equipment and appliances must work and all amenities must match the star grading that the hotel has received. Should the housekeeping staff have all of these aspects correct, then the guest will most probably be a happy and satisfied guest.

As you will see later in this course, there are different types of rooms, at different levels of standard. However, the processes and procedures that the housekeeping department carry out will differ depending on the number of rooms a hotel has and on the type of accommodation establishment. However, what can be said is that the housekeeping department is made up of people who will need to work and assist each other to ‘do a good job’ for the benefit of the guest. If the guest benefits and enjoys their stay, then the hotel will be on the road to success.