How To Run A Retail Business

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What is this course about?

On completion of this course you will have gained insights into what retail is, the role of a retailer and how to get started in a retail business. The course focuses on managing a retail business in terms of people, the retail supply chain and pricing, the operational requirements, financial considerations as well as understanding customers and how to communicate with them. 

Who should be doing this course?

The course is designed for anyone who

  • Is interested in starting out in their own retail business
  • Would like to start a career in retail 

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Start writing a business plan for a new retail operation
  • Conduct a simple SWOT analysis
  • Understand the implications of employing people
  • Make decisions about the stock you will carry and the implications of carrying too much or having too little stock.
  • Set prices for your stock at prices that will be competitive in the market that you serve, and still make a profit
  • Start planning the administrative controls for an effective retail operation
  • Discuss the financial aspects of a retail business with a knowledgeable person
  • Start planning how you will attract and keep customers

How is your course mark calculated? 

Your course mark is calculated using the average mark obtained in each of the Chapter tests. In order to pass this course, you must obtain a final course mark of at least 50%. This means that even if you fail a few of the chapter tests, if your test marks in the other chapter tests are high enough you will still be able to pass the course. Good Luck! 

Study at your own pace!

We’ve created our courses to suit your busy life! The duration of this course is based on a student guide where one 300 – 500 word article is read per day, and the assessment is done on a separate day after the relevant articles have been reviewed. But you can do the course in your own time and at your own pace. If you choose to do two readings per day, it will take you half of the estimated time, four readings per day means doing the course in a quarter of the time etc. We leave that decision up to you! 

In the 6 chapters of this course you'll be covering the following areas:

CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Running a Retail Outlet
CHAPTER 2 Managing a Retail Business (People)
CHAPTER 3 Managing a Retail Business (Supply Chain and Pricing)
CHAPTER 4 Managing a Retail Business (Operations)
CHAPTER 5 Managing a Retail Business (Finance)
CHAPTER 6 Managing a Retail Business (Important Issues)

Nina Madsen


Nina Masden is an associate at Trade Intelligence, which provides insight, commentary and profiles on the South African Fast Moving Consumer Goods Environment and the major retail and wholesale players. She was a school teacher for 10 years in high school Biology and Science as well as junior school Mathematics and Science. She has conducted training needs analyses and developed curricula to meet the needs in retail industry. She developed and managed a Store of Learning for the building of a pipeline of retail store managers and other retail scarce skills and has designed and developed training courses for over 400 merchants.

Martin Neethling


Martin is a practicing marketer, currently CMO at Pioneer Foods. He is also a Research Associate at the UCT Unilever institute of Strategic Marketing, and adjunct faculty at the University of Stellenbosch Business School (Exec Ed). His career spans nearly 30 years, including Director of Marketing and Financial Services at Ackermans Group, Chairman of Jay Jays, and Managing Director of Berry Bush BBDO. Martin started his career at Unilever and has spent most of his career in FMCG and Retail, also teaching and consulting extensively in the area of Strategic Marketing. Martin is also a Director of the Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA).

Not sure if this is the right course for you?

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