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What are the options?

This chapter covers who can make money using the internet and possible opportunities that could be considered

Students, housewives and even the average working man can find a way to make money using the internet if they have the time and the skills required. Proper research is the key to finding an opportunity that suits your particular skills. These skills can be as simple as reading, writing, being creative or knowledgeable in a particular field. Some of the easiest methods of making money is taking online surveys, blogging, selling items or services, posting videos and pictures, reporting community news, even playing video games.

There are many more opportunities available to you and with a bit of research and careful consideration, you could stand a chance to earn a decent income from most of these if you can provide the skill, time and effort required. You are not limited to South Africa either, earning dollars or pounds is just as easy, as most businesses have come to realize that they have access to a global community and therefore more services and information. Services and information that you could provide. Think of the possibility of becoming an online translator if you know two or more languages, being able to offer your service on Gumtree, EBay, and Careers24 or on a website that offers online translation contracts such as or registering with to offer your services could open a new career path for you. The key to success however, is to do your research and honestly assess your ability to provide the service.

Online opportunities include:




Selling goods

Selling items or services on the web

Gumtree, OLX, BidorBuy

Affiliated marketing

Marketing companies pay to advertise on your site

AdSense, Amazon Associates

Selling advertising

Direct advertising on your site

Sponsorship and endorsements

Forex/Market Trading

Stocks and currency speculation

Standard Online Share Trading (Standard bank)

Online surveys

Complete online surveys for market and research groups

Survey Monkey, Survey Compare


Write and publish an online book or report the news

Kindle Direct Publishing, News24 Opinions

Producing music

Write and record your own music tracks

Sound Cloud, Tune Core