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Microsoft Excel Level 1

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What this course is about


Course 1 of the Excel series is designed for people who have never worked in Excel or have only the most basic of experience, and want to get an idea of the basic functionalities of this powerful program. The course firstly navigates the student through the interface. Secondly, it showcases many of the functionalities used in foundational Excel, and uses the central theme of a spreadsheet budget to show users how one would go about doing data entries and simple manipulations.


Who should be doing this course?

The course is therefore aimed at people who will classify themselves as a novice or an absolute beginner, and will give them a basis to understand further basic commands and structures from. The course aims to assist anyone who intends on using Excel for personal or business use, and can be enrolled for even if they do not have a computer with them. Students who enroll for Excel course 2 and find it too difficult should also consider firstly completing course 1 to lay the correct foundation.


Learning outcomes


Participants will be able to do & understand the following:

Basic use of excel for individuals and by businesses

Navigate sections of an excel screen     

Navigational features on a blank worksheet      

The quick access tool bar 

Entering and editing worksheet data       

Working with cells, rows and columns    

How to use the tabs

Commands on the ribbon 

Accessing the ribbon using the keyboard          

Creating workbooks and worksheets      

Modifying worksheets        

Duplicating worksheets and worksheet view     

Sum function and basic referencing techniques

In the 5 chapters of this course you'll be covering the following areas:

CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Excel
CHAPTER 2 Navigating the Excel Interface
CHAPTER 3 Data Selection and Formatting
CHAPTER 4 Ribbon Tabs
CHAPTER 5 Understanding workbooks, worksheets and basic referencing

Dr Rousseau Lötter


Dr Lötter is a senior lecturer in Investment Management at a leading South African University. He worked as a portfolio manager at a large asset-manager before joining the University, and has held the CFP® designation since 2008. He has helped many individuals set up and plan their budgets, and has often presented financial talks in public forums. He has published financial papers in accredited journals locally and internationally, and has received numerous teaching awards in South Africa and abroad. He is married and has one daughter. Qualifications: Doctorate in Investment Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management, Certified Financial Planner

Professor Elsamari Botha


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