Microsoft PowerPoint For Beginners

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What this course is about?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular presentation solution available through the Microsoft Office suite of applications and runs on platforms such as Windows and Apple MAC OS. The Microsoft PowerPoint application comes bundled in the Microsoft Office Suite (which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint amongst others) or the stand-alone version can be purchased on its own. The main purpose of Microsoft PowerPoint is to allow users to create and showcase slide shows and presentations produced in a professional manner.  


PowerPoint presentations consist of one or more slides. Each slide can contain text, graphics, animations, videos, and other information. You can easily rearrange the slides in a presentation, delete slides that you don’t need, add new slides, or modify the contents of existing slides.


Several different methods can be employed to display these presentations.

These methods include:

Computer screen

Television set

Video projector

Printed pages

Video and slide show saved files


Who should be doing this course?

This course intends to introduce Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 to the novice. It provides a step-by-step guide from starting your application, creating and editing your slides, saving and exporting your file and presenting the slide show. It also covers various often used features such as creating tables, inserting multimedia, creative text effects, adding animation effects and controlling your presentation.


Once completed the learner will be able to create and present a slide show using the basic features. The learner will have a basic working knowledge of how to use PowerPoint and a starting point from which to explore the many additional features, geared towards the more advanced user, which is not covered in this training material.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Navigate the PowerPoint application and access important features.
  • Create a new slideshow project, access existing files.
  • Save, export, print and share a presentation.
  • Add and change text in a text box.
  • Change the layout of the slide.
  • Adjust text for easier reading.
  • Adjust page orientation and size.
  • Add tables to the project.
  • Incorporate multimedia to enhance the presentation.
  • Use animation to enhance text and objects.
  • Use Word Art and Text Art to stylise text.
  • Present and manage the slide show to an audience.


Your course is mark is calculated using the average mark obtained in each of the Chapter tests. In order to pass this course, you must obtain a final course mark of at least 50%. This means that even if you fail a few of the chapter tests, if your test marks in the other chapter tests are high enough you will still be able to pass the course. Good Luck!

Study at your own pace!

We’ve created our courses to suit your busy life! The duration of this course is based on a student guide where one 300 – 500 word article is read per day, and the assessment is done on a separate day after the relevant articles have been reviewed. But you can do the course in your own time and at your own pace. If you choose to do two readings per day, it will take you half of the estimated time, four readings per day means doing the course in a quarter of the time etc. We leave that decision up to you!

In the 5 chapters of this course you'll be covering the following areas:

CHAPTER 1 Starting Microsoft PowerPoint and introducing the interface
CHAPTER 2 How to create text, change the layout and format of your slide
CHAPTER 3 How to use tables and multimedia (pictures, sound, video) to enhance your presentation.
CHAPTER 4 Introducing animation, Word Art and Text Art to your presentation
CHAPTER 5 Creating and managing your slide show

Luigi McLeod


Luigi has been extensively involved the the technologies industry for 20 years. His specialisation areas include sales, training, desktop support and network management. His work as a senior technician in the Commerce faculty at one of South Africa’s top universities cements his qualifications as an experts in practical IT matters.

Professor Elsamari Botha


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