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How Steps Work

When we take a journey across a park or even across a room, there is a very simple principle at work. A journey (no matter how long or short) is made up of steps.

Take a walk from Johannesburg to Cape Town

The thought of walking from Johannesburg to Cape Town is overwhelming. It might even feel impossible. If you break down the journey, it is not impossible. The journey is 1398 km. If you break that down, it is roughly 1, 4 million steps. The average person is said to take 1000-5000 steps a day. Let’s say (with some focus) you walked 12 000 steps a day, then the journey would take you just over 3 months. A long time of walking… but NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

That is your life

If you have a destination, there are steps that can get you there. Take for example, the goal of a child becoming an accountant in a big firm. The journey might be long and bumpy, but there are steps that cannot be missed;

  • The child must get a matric
  • He/she must do maths
  • He/she must do tertiary study in accounting
  • He/she must be able to work hard
  • He/she must apply for a job at a firm

Now, maybe the child did not do well in high-school maths. Or maybe he or she was not hard working at school. If, however, he or she kept the goal of becoming an accountant in mind, that person can still get there. He or she just needs to go back and take the necessary steps. Many people go back and complete or re-write matric when they are older so that they can apply for tertiary education. If someone is not a hard worker that does not mean they cannot make a decision to change later in life. We CANNOT, however, skip crucial steps. 

Coming to terms with reality

Are you aware that no matter how much you want something, without the necessary steps the chances are almost zero of getting there (in case you were wondering, the chance of winning the Lottery is 0,0000001). Having a good grasp on reality is important if you want to move forward in your life. We will look more at this in later readings.

Figuring out your crucial steps

Think about some of your bigger life aspirations (from your list). What are some crucial steps to achieving them? Are you on the right path to taking the necessary steps? What will you need to do to get onto that path?

In the next reading we will look at the obstacles on the way.