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What Is Service Excellence?

The success or failure of any business organisation largely depends on how the people inside the business organisation relate to their market.

This relationship needs to be understood by all role players. The key objective of this module is to help retail personnel, especially those with front line functions such as general assistants, cashiers, sales people, supervisors and line managers to refine their behaviours and embrace the spirit of service. It is a fact that ‘the company is only as good as its people’.

What is service?

  • It is the work that a person or an organisation/company does in order to meet the needs of another person, entity or community.
  • The work (service) may involve tangible or intangible work aspects such as:
  1. Delivering a customer’s goods from Point A  to Point B, (results of service are tangible)
  2. Providing H.I.V/A.I.D.S counselling to the infected and affected people, (results are intangible)
  • When we talk service, we talk people because service is a people business. It is how the work/actions of people affect other people in a positive or rewarding way.
  • If, or when your work/actions affect(s) other people (your customers) negatively, then you are NOT serving them.

What does it mean to be excellent?

  • It is to excel in what you do as an individual, team or Organisation.
  • It is to go beyond the expectations of the recipients of your service.
  • It is to go the extra mile and to perform with exceptional competence
  • To be excellent is more than being good. In fact, the good is the enemy of the best.
  • Therefore, to be excellent is to give the best of a set standard and to give it consistently.

NB: Many people say, ‘I have done my best’, but if their best is below standard then they are not excellent. Therefore, in order to be excellent, one has to start by meeting minimum standards or expectations and then strive to beat the best.