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Introduction To The Music Industry

From the outside looking in, it all appears so easy; you record a few songs, play a few gigs, sell a few CD’s, make a music video, get an interview on national television, and you’re set for life!

Fame and fortune is knocking on your door! Yes, but what you don’t see is the years of hard work, many hours spent in the studio, being on the road, more often than not, being away from family, the financial difficulties, boring meetings, insecurities, doubts, and heartless critics. Being an artist is not always fun.

Performing on stage with thousands of adoring fans in the audience is amazing, getting positive publicity is satisfying and selling more than enough CD’s nourishes every artist’s ego. But, there’s a flip side: the business side. You have to deal with contracts, negotiations, administrative duties, bookings, emails and post-office-runs, registrations, and even more boring meetings. If you want to be a successful artist in this country, it’s important that you know about these things

“I just want to make music, but they keep calling me for photos and press releases and… paperwork” - Jason Castro (2008 American Idol Finalist)

If, after doing this course, you still want to attempt the music business, you might actually have what it takes to make a success of your music career. To add value to your God-given talent, it’s vital that you are informed about what goes on behind the scenes and that you learn to understand what makes this industry so powerful.

Most established artists let professionals take care of the business end of their music. Professionals in the industry include managers, publishers, publicists, booking agents, A&R managers and consultants, but, as you can imagine, their services come at a high price. My advice is always to work hard until you’ve built up a decent amount of success on your own, before appointing someone who has to share in your earnings. In this way, you always know what is going on in your business and you’ll have a greater appreciation for your success.