TSIBA Funding a New Venture

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What this course is about

This course discusses the aspects of securing the finances of a new entrepreneurial venture. The focus will primarily rest on the entrepreneur wishing to start a Microenterprise or Small-Medium enterprise (SME).

This course is a series of questions an entrepreneur needs answer before starting out on a new venture. Since each answer is very individual to the entrepreneur, the opportunity and the entrepreneur’s environment, the course will guide the entrepreneur in making their own assessment. While the course focuses on the financing of the ventures, no venture can be built on finances alone. it also deals with important related issues.

While most of the priciples invovled are applicable anywhere in the world, the course will focus specifically on opportunities and challenges facing the South African entrepreneur.


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course the learner will be able to;

Analyze the suitability of the venture in terms of the entrepreneur’s own personal characteristics, the viability of the opportunity and the environment in which the entrepreneur operates

Ascertain the amount of funding needed

Analyze the extent and degree to which the entrepreneur can self-fund the venture 

Analyze the extent and degree to which others may be interested to help fund the venture

Analyze the options of havings others financially participate in the venture directly (equity) or indirectly (debt)

Determine the interests third parties have in becoming (financially) involved

Prepare an appropriate sales pitch (pitch deck) for interested parties.

In the 9 chapters of this course you'll be covering the following areas:

CHAPTER 1 So you need money?
CHAPTER 2 Doing your homework
CHAPTER 3 How much do you need?
CHAPTER 4 Are there stakeholders willing to fund you?
CHAPTER 5 Can you fund it yourself?
CHAPTER 6 Holding up your hand
CHAPTER 7 Debt vs. Equity
CHAPTER 8 Who else can you approach?
CHAPTER 9 How do you sell it?

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