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A Step By Step WhatsApp Mobile Application User Tutorial

A step by step introduction tutorial featuring the installation, settings and user processes of the WhatsApp mobile application.

WhatsApp is a mobile messaging service, where the following is used to communicate with other WhatsApp users based anywhere in the world:

  • The person's mobile phone number is used as their user account,
  • An internet connection is required (either via a cellular network or Wi-Fi).

This type of data based communication has increased in popularity as internet connectivity has become more wide spread and affordable. The comparative cost between normal phone call rates and the data rates when communicating via services such as WhatsApp show that it is far more cost effective to opt for the latter, especially if you factor in roaming and international call charges.

Due to this popularity growth, the developers of services such as WhatsApp and Skype have refined the application and service over the years to make them easy to use and more reliable, as long as the internet connection is adequate. Due to the global phenomenon of internet based communication, this tutorial seeks to introduce the participant to the WhatsApp application and how to get the maximum benefit from the application.

Course Overview

The WhatsApp platform is widely used and provides an easy interface for people to communicate in an inexpensive, versatile way. This tutorial introduces the application platforms available to users, as well as, how to install the WhatsApp application onto an IOS/IPhone handset. The user will be introduced to the WhatsApp interface and the icons/options are explained.

The tutorial also covers how to use the WhatsApp application, including how to manage contacts, sending messages and managing Groups and Broadcast lists. Making changes to the user profile and changing privacy and security settings will be discussed in order to provide the user with sufficient knowledge to enhance the experience and adjust the level of security to suit his/her needs. On completion of the course the user should be able to navigate the menus and communicate with ease via the WhatsApp platform.