What is Educate24?

Educate24 is opening up new knowledge markets, by making top quality affordable education available to everyone. The online platform can be accessed via laptop, tablet, or on your mobile phone. The courses cover most career categories, and does not have any entry level requirements. The website also offers additional FREE value added services such as a Jobs section, Smart CV functionality  and interest profiler test.

How Much do courses cost?

Most of the courses are R799, however there are a few higher level courses that are priced at R999 and R1299 as well as more simple courses priced at R99.

How does Educate24 work?

Educate24 makes learning easy, affordable and accessible to anyone. Once you’ve signed up for a course you will be presented with the course articles, and you are able to complete the course in your own time. We’ve created our courses to suit your busy life! The duration of this course is based on a student guide where one 300 - 500 word article is read per day, and the assessment is done on a separate day after the relevant articles have been reviewed. But you can do the course in your own time and at your own pace. If you choose to do two readings per day, it will take you half of the estimated time, four readings per day means doing the course in a quarter of the time etc. We leave that decision up to you!

What is the pass mark required for a course?

The required pass mark for the course is 50%. Marks are calculated as an average of the score that you achieve for each end of chapter assessment.

What happens if I fail a course?

If you fail a course, we encourage you to either re-do the course, consider taking a course in a different discipline, or a similar course which will be easier.

How do I obtain my course certificate if I pass?

Your certificate will be available immediately online as soon as you have completed the course. You can download and print it directly from your Educate24 profile once you have passed a course.

Can I complete the course on my mobile device?

Yes, as long as you have access to the internet, you will be able to complete your course on your mobile device on smartphone and feature phone devices.

Who are the Educate24 Educators?

Our Educate 24 educators, are all well qualified lecturers, doctors and professors in their chosen field.

I am completely new to online studying. Is Educate24 still for me?

Yes, it most certainly is. At Educate24 we are committed to providing a platform that is accessible to individuals of all ages, and at all stages of their lives. The advantage of online learning via Educate24, is that it can be completed in your own time. You have a maximum period of 3 months (from date that course is released to you) to complete the course. We generally recommend that you complete the course within a 6 week period by tackling one page of 500 words per day. You can go onto your course at any time, and wherever you are. All it required is a mobile phone, tablet or computer and access to the internet.

How does the course tests work?

Courses are divided into chapters, and each chapter has a test. The tests consists of a series of multiple choice question which you can complete at any time, and in any order you choose. Once you have answered all the questions of a test, you will be issued with your results immediately. You require a minimum mark of at least 50% in order to pass a test. Should you fail a chapter test, you will still be able to pass the course as long as your average mark for all the chapter tests is 50% or higher.

How do I pay for Educate24 courses?

In order to make it as convenient as possible for you, we have various payment options. You can pay online with your credit or debit card. You can also pay via EFT. You can also select the 'In Store' payment option, after which you will receive a reference number. Take this reference number to any Pick 'n Pay, Boxer, Ackermans, Checkers, Shoprite USave, PEP or SPAR store and pay your course fee at the payments counter.

How long does it take to process payment and when can I start with my course?

Card and EFT payment options are processed instantly, meaning that if your payment is processed successfully you will be able to start with the course immediately. The In Store Retail payment option can take up 48 hours to process. You will receive an SMS alert from us as soon as your In Store payment has been processed, and you’ll be able to start with your course.

Do I have access to support from Educate24 Educators?

Yes, we are committed to providing a site that encourages high engagement. Every course has a Support Team who is available to answer any questions you might have. All you need to do submit your question via the Educate24 Help box on your course, and an e-mail will immediately be sent to the Support Team who will reply to you within 24 hours. The Support Assistants are well qualified to assist you, and work with the Course Developer to enhance your understanding of the course content. There is also a help desk for technical queries. You can e-mail support@educate24.co.za for all technical problems.

What type of courses are available on Educate24?

The courses on Educate24 cover a range of disciplines, from skills-based vocational courses to courses for middle management. We cater for individuals with a range of qualifications and experience. It doesn't matter what your level of education is, with Educate24 we want to help you take that next step to securing your future, by giving you a skill, that will better equip you in the work environment in which you would like to be.

Are Educate24 courses accredited?

Accreditation means that courses contribute towards (i.e. are credit-bearing towards) some qualification. Educate24 is currently in the business of offering “on demand” and “just-in-time” courses that will teach you core skills you need at this moment in time. Therefore, we do not offer “accredited” courses at the moment. However, we have ensured that the professionals who are developing courses, are the top in their field, be it in South Africa, or abroad. A number of our courses are also endorsed by higher learning institutions.