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6 Farming Apps For Small Scale And Emerging Farmers

By Educate24   Sep 19, 2016 01:44 PM
The agricultural sector is a big contributor to employment in South Africa and Africa. This has led to solution driven technology to assist emerging farmers and small scale farmers.

We look at some of the best agriculture applications for farmers. 

Mobile Agribiz 
Mobile Agribiz is a web and text based mobile application that helps farmers with farming information and advice with regard to timelines of planting crops, fertilizers, harvests, the best crops to use according to location, climate and weather information as well as advice on planting. The application also provides information on goods, quantities and prices. 

iCow offers dairy products on a menu system and allows for a subscription service for products. The application works on a menu system and informs the user of product choices. 

Rural eMarket 
This application allows for the communication of agricultural market information in Africa. It is offered in a variety of languages and affordable for rural projects. Some rural areas still struggle to access the application due to problems with connectivity or technological challenges. 

Farmer Connect 
Farmer Connect is an online platform offering agricultural services and information to small scale farmers. This allows farmers to stay up to date with agriculture, changes in the sector, offers advice and information on markets. 

AgroSim is an application that helps farmers make correct decisions in agricultural projects. The application collects data using the information of seeds, soil and climate of the area. It then offers a virtual result of crop development and simulates events by predicting productivity.  

mFisheries is an application aimed at small scale fish farmers which offers support and a virtual market for the fishing industry. 

Due to technology, mobile agricultural applications have been a form of support for many farmers. The assistance needed by small scale farmers can now be found online in the form of these online platforms. 


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